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VETCARE, a division of TETRAGON CHEMIE LIMITED. - the name that has always stood for innovation, customer satisfaction and technology transfer in the farming community. We are ISO & GMP (WHO) certified company, driven by a vision to continually generate bold new ideas in the Indian subcontinent since 1983.

Today, we operate under different divisions to meet the diverse needs of the veterinary and animal farming community.  These are: VETCARE, PETCARE, AQUACARE trading in amino acids, feed ingredients and specialised premixes.

We operate from our corporate office at Bangalore and have the  production facilities based at Bangalore and Noida. In addition, the company has seven regional offices and depots located at key agribusiness centres to cater to the diversified needs of customers spread across the length and breadth of the country. 

As 'Innovators in veterinary care', the division deals with nutritional and therapeutic  range required for poultry and dairy farming, and swine segment.  VETCARE's initiative in the field of bio-technological tools in feed industry coupled with interactive programmes and strong technical back-up have gone a long way in solving the most difficult problems faced by farmers in the field.

VETCARE has taken up the challenge of disseminating information and promoting value added concepts in a big way through its Rural Marketing  Program.  Educative programs on improving nutrition status, reproductive performance and biosecurity are regularly promoted in rural areas through the use of novel mobile rural marketing vans fully equipped with the latest audio and visual aids.  Vetcare's "PASHU POSHAN YOJANA" brings services like Masticheck, Fodder management programs and Infertility camps in coordination with dairy co-operatives and Govt. Health Agencies virtually at the doorstep of the farmer.

R&D and Technical Services: 

Research and Development forms the backbone of new product development, manufacture and quality assurance at VETCARE.  This is evident in the development of new molecules like - Halquinol, Oxine, Coper, Amitraz and Selenium Salts, as well as in attaining the ISO 9002 and GMP (WHO) certifications.  R&D efforts shot to the limelight in 1994 when R&D Centre at VETCARE was recognised by Development of Science and Technology, Govt. of India.  Today, with an investment of over Rs. 40 million and a team of 25 qualified personnel, VETCARE's R&D is a force to reckon with in the veterinary industry.

Mainstream marking at VETCARE is supported by direct mailers, technical information through the net and customized services like estimation of nutrient value of feed and Mycotoxin estimation  to key customers.  Armed with a database of over 15000 customers, VETCARE keeps in regular touch with dairy farmers, poultry farmers, feed millers, consultants, hatcheries, veterinarians, breeders and individual pet owners through mailers  and bulletins.  Of late, e-commerce and internet have become a major Business to Consumer infomediary.

Partners in Progress:  VETCARE - PROVIMI

VETCARE and Provimi entered into a joint venture agreement in 1999.  Provimi represents the animal nutrition division of Eridania Béghin-Say (EBS), a major international agro-industrial company.  With 65 plants in 21 countries, Provimi is a European market leader and a global force in animal nutrition.  Provimi's product lines are divided into four major sectors: Premixes, micro components of feed, complete feed and standard feed for commercial animals.

The joint venture at the dawn of this new millennium will add significant value in nutrition and productivity to benefit the animal farming community in the Indian subcontinent.  It also provides a perfect platform for TETRAGON CHEMIE LIMITED to explore new horizons of growth and progress.

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