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Dairy Consumables
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The use of consumables in a dairy plant or a dairy farm has gone up as newer technologies are introduced. Also a pointer for buyers looking for dairy consumables.
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Dairy Consumables
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Dairy Plant Consumables
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Amongst the consumables that are used in the manufacture of dairy and dairy related products the scope for the packaging industry is vast. Rapid expansion in milk processing capacity has given a boost to large-sized, sophisticated equipment, process control instruments, and systems, automation instrumentation, on-line computer processors to monitor and regulate various processes for better performance, productivity and quality of the final product. Since liquid milk is now largely retailed in plastic sachets, the demand for film will spiral. In related areas, such as packaging of traditional dairy products, also the potential for growth is enormous.

The demand for veterinary consumables is also growing as dairy farming becomes a specialized commercial activity in major milksheds of the country. Consequently, the herd size is increasing, so also the quality of dairy animals. Already, there is a trend towards mechanization with the introduction of semi-automatic and automatic milking of dairy animals. With private veterinary practice gaining ground in the country, the demand is rising for instruments and equipment for surgery, artificial insemination, etc.

Resources: Dairy Consumables

The list of dairy consumables used in a farm or a plant can be further broken down into four parts

Veterinary Consumables
Dairy Plant Consumables
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