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This list covers manufacturers of veterinary pharmaceuticals in India, including feed supplements, mineral mixtures and allied products. The address and other contact details can be obtained from DAIRY INDIA (5th Edition) or from us.
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Pharma & Feed Additives
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Pharmaceuticals & Feed Additives


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AHP Manufacturing BV (India), Chennai
Aesculapius Remedies Ltd, Animal Welfare Div, Ahmedabad
Agrochemie, Animal Health Products Div, Mumbai
Alarsin, Mumbai
Alembic Chemical Works Co Ltd, Vet Div, Vadodara
Alved Pharma & Foods Pvt Ltd, Chennai
American Veterinary Products Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Anglo-French Drug Co (Eastern) Ltd, Bangalore.
Anichem India Ltd, Vadodara
Anmarks Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Ajmer
Anuja Pharmaceuticals, Mumbai
Ar-Ex Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Aries Agro-Vet Industries Ltd, Mumbai
Arosol Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Saharanpur
Asian Catalyst & Chemicals, Bangalore
Avet Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Jalandhar
Avipharma Industries Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.
BAIF Laboratories Ltd, Pune
BASF India Ltd, Mumbai
BC Animal Health Products Pvt Ltd, Indore
BE Animal Health Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
BPL Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Delhi
Baalgopal Agro-Vet & Chemical Industries (P) Ltd, Cuttack
Bactolac Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
Ban Labs Ltd, Veterinary Div, Rajkot
Bayer (India) Ltd, Business Group: Animal Health, Mumbai
Bhandari Homoeopathic Laboratories, Faridabad.
Bhartiya Bootee Bhawan (Regd), Saharanpur, UP
Bhaskar Bio-Industries, Hubli 580030, Karnataka
Blue Cross Farma, Hyderabad
Boots Company (India) Ltd, Mumbai
Brihans Laboratories, Animal Health Div of Brihan Maharashtra Sugar Syndicate Limited, Pune
Cadila Healthcare (P) Ltd., Aqrovet Div, Ahmedabad
Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Vet Div, Ahmedabad
Chaugule-Agrovet Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Chemet, Mumbai
Chokhani & Chokhani, Mumbai
Ci-Chem Industries, Jabalpur, MP
Cipla Limited, Mumbai
Cliff Agro-Vet Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Concept Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Mumbai
Cristal Chemical Co, Pune
Cyanamid India Ltd.
Dabur Ayurvet Ltd., New Delhi
Daglia Agro-Vet Chemicals Pvt. Ltd., Indore, MP
Domesto (P) Ltd., Vijayawada, AP
Dynamic Pharmacals Ltd., Mumbai.
E Merck (India) Ltd., Mumbai
Elanco Animal Health, Bangalore.
Ess Kay Agro-Vet Industries, Vaniyambadi, Tamil Nadu
Ethicare, Patna
Euro Asian Industries, (Member of Chokhani Group), Mumbai
Exotic Mushrooms, Mumbai
Feeds India, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu
G Loucatos & Co, Mumbai
Gallichem, Navi Mumbai
Glaxo India Ltd., Agrivet Farm Care Div, Mumbai
Goka Company, Nashik, Maharashtra
Gram's Laboratories, Bangalore
Gujarat Inject Ltd., Vadodara
Guybro Chemicals, Vadodara.
Hester Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Ahmedabad
Himalaya Drug Co, Vet Div, Bangalore
Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd., Pune
Hoechst Roussel Vet Pvt. Ltd., Pune
Hygeia Feeds & Minerals Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
ICI India Limited, Chennai
India Gelatine & Chemicals Ltd., Mumbai
Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Gurgaon, Haryana
Indian Herbs Research & Supply Co Ltd., Saharanpur, UP
Indian Immunologicals Ltd (Unit of National Dairy Development Board), Hyderabad
Indo Biocare Pvt Ltd, Baroda
Intercorp Industries Ltd., New Delhi
Intervet India Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad.
Jai Kisan Agro Industries Unit II, Indore
Jeco Vetchem Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Karishma Agro-Chem Industries, Vallabh Vidyanagar
Karnataka Antibiotics & Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Bangalore
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Karnavati Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad.
Kemin Nutritional Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd., Chennai.
Kemwell Ltd., Bangalore
Kerala State Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Lakma Agrovet Inputs Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore
Lyka Labs Limited, Animal Health Div, Mumbai
Mebros, Mumbai
Micro Labs Ltd., Bangalore
Monsanto Chemicals of India Ltd., Mumbai
Montari Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
Narsipur Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
Natural Remedies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore
Nav Mahrashtra Chakan Oil Mills Ltd, Agro Div, Pune.
Neotech Bioproducts India Pvt Ltd, Gadag, Karnataka
Nicholas Piramal India Ltd, Mumbai
North Star Agro Industries Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
Novartis (India) Ltd, Animal Health Sector, Mumbai
Nova Nordisk A/S, Bangalore
Oriental Trading Syndicate, Mumbai
PL International Ltd, Vet Div, Chennai.
Paam Pharmaceuticals (Delhi) Ltd, Delhi.
Padmaja Laboratories, Vijayawada, AP
Palak Pashu Pakshi Khadya, Mumbai
Pashu Pakshi Laboratories, Pune
Paushtik Foods & Feeds, Navi Mumbai
Pearl Chemical Industries Pvt Ltd, Calcutta
Pest Control (India) Ltd, Mumbai
Pfizer Ltd, Animal Health Div, Mumbai
Pioneer Miyagi Chemicals (P) Ltd, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
Poly Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad
Polyolefins Industries Ltd, Mumbai
Prakash Feed Mills Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Prima Vetcare Pvt Ltd (in collaboration with May & Baker Ltd, UK), Mumbai.
Provimi Products Pvt Ltd, Gobichettipalayam, Tamil Nadu
Punjab Bone Mills, Jalandhar, Punjab
Raj Minerals & Chemicals Industries, Talbehat, UP
Rakshak Farm Aids Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
Rallis Agrochemicals Research Station, Bangalore
Rallis India Ltd, Animal Health Div, Mumbai
Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd
Animal Health Care Div, New Delhi
Rhodia Chemicals (India) Ltd, Mumbai
Roche Scientific Products Co (India) Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
SM Dyechem Ltd, Animal Health Care Div, Thane
Sarabhai Chemicals, Vadodara
Senthil Chemicals, Chennai
Serum Institute of India Ltd, Vet Div, Pune
Servet Feeds & Minerals (P) Ltd, Hyderabad
Shakti Livestock Feeds (P) Ltd, Meerut
Shree Chemicals & Allied Products, Dharwad, Karnataka
Solvay Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, Chennai.
Spads Biotechnica (P) Ltd, Mumbai.
Stamac Products, Calcutta
Stanvet Products (P) Ltd, Calcutta
Sterling Lab, Bangalore
Sunder Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Sunnex Commercial Pvt Ltd, Chennai
TTK Pharma Ltd
Animal Welfare Div, Chennai
Torrent Laboratories Ltd, Ahmedabad.
Transchem Ltd, Mumbai 400093
Trident Agencies, Mumbai.
Trident Products, Hyderabad
USV Ltd, Animal Health Products Div, Mumbai.
Unichem Laboratories Ltd, Mumbai
Universal Pharmaceuticals, , Mehsana, Gujarat
Venvet Chemicals Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad
Vesper India, Bangalore
Vetcare-Alltech, Bangalore
Veteran Pharma Pvt Ltd, Mumbai.
Vets Farma Pvt Ltd, Jalandhar
Western Hatcheries Ltd, Animal Health Products Div, Pune.
Wockhardt Veterinary Ltd, Mumbai
Zeus Biotech Pvt Ltd, Mysore


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