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India's milk output could be doubled if dairy animals were adequately fed. The productivity of an animal depends largely upon the feed and care given to it.
Feed Nutrition Update:  NDDB has introduced new concepts in feeding and nutrition called:
Urea Molasses Blocks (UMB)
Bypass Protein Feed (BPF

Resources: Cattle Feed Manufacturers

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Feeding & Nutrition

Today, India has an organized feed compounding industry. In the past 30 years, the annual production of compounded feed has gone up to over 3 million tonnes from 40,000 tonnes, the bulk being accounted for by the western and southern parts of India. Feeds that are formulated largely utilize agro-industrial by-products and other non-conventional materials. However, this production meets only a small percentage of the total feed concentrate requirements, even for the organized dairy farming sector in the country. This gap is likely to widen by 2000 AD when the requirement of cattle feed concentrates would be around 5.4 million tonnes.

Feeding & Nutrition Update: NDDB has introduced newer concepts in feeding

New types of feeds have been developed, to improve the nutritive value of the traditional cattle diet, by The National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). Among them, Urea Molasses Blocks (UMB) and Bypass Protein Feed (BPF) are gaining popularity for healthy growth and rise in the productivity of dairy animals.

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The Urea Molasses Mineral Block (UMMB) lick allows the slow ingestion of urea- which, in turn, is efficiently utilized by the rumen microbes. UMMB licks are manufactured in different states under the cooperative sector.

Bypass Protein Feed is a new generation cattle feed in India and is manufactured by a special formulation developed by NDDB. Bypass Protein Feed (BPF) contains a large percentage of solvent extracted protein meals, grain by-products, whole grains, molasses, minerals and vitamins. The special feature of the formulation is that 65 per cent of the total protein in the feed is rumen non-degradable protein.

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Resources: Cattle Feed Manufacturers

The next section refers to Feed Manufacturers regionwise and is further classified statewise within their respective regions. The manufacturers listed usually have a network of distributors, dealers and agents. The address, phone and fax numbers, installed capacity and other details of these companies can be obtained from DAIRY INDIA 1997. The list has been broken down into four parts categorized according to the region, of India, they lie in:

List of cattle feed manufacturers in the Northern region
List of cattle feed manufacturers in the Eastern region
List of cattle feed manufacturers in the Southern region
List of cattle feed manufacturers in the Western region

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