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A wide range of milk production and processing equipment is being manufactured in India, some with foreign collaboration. Modern technology can be adapted to make traditional dairy delicacies.
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Equipment Manufacturers

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Equipment Update

As the Indian dairy industry grows by leaps and bounds, simultaneously, the demand for equipment for the manufacture of ready mixes of ice creams, milk shakes, milk and whey powders, cheese and other conventional milk products is increasing rapidly. Yet another attractive area is to develop adaptation of existing Western processed food equipment for the factory manufacture of traditional milk products. In case of gulabjamuns, the adaptation of meatball machines is quite successful. NDDB at the Sugam Dairy in Baroda has demonstrated its feasibility. A continuous khoa-making machine has also been developed independently by R&D units of NDDB and NDRI.

Resources: Dairy Equipment

The list of dairy plant equipment available in India can be broken down into three segments:

Equipment used dairy husbandry
Equipment used in dairy processing
Miscellaneous equipment

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