Essence, Flavours & Colors
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A list of all the essences,flavors and colors used in the manufacture of milk products along with the names of manufacturers and suppliers.
Annato Colors
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Essence, Flavours & Colours

  • Aarkay Food Products Ltd
  • Bush Boake Allen (India) Ltd
  • Dayalal Velji & Sons
  • IDL Chemicals Ltd
  • Khanna Food & Chemical Industries
  • M C Davar Aromatics Pvt Ltd
  • Naarden (India) Ltd
  • Pioma Industries
  • Quest International India
  • Radha Sales Corporation
  • Red Club Products Corporation
  • Robin Chemicals Pvt Ltd
  • Roha Dye-Chem Pvt Ltd
  • Sesu Trading Corporation
  • Sonarome Chemicals Pvt Ltd
  • Vesco Products Company

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Annato Colour

  • Keeran Dairy (Regd)
  • Saurabh Industries
  • Vesco Products Company


  • Alvin Chemicals Pvt Ltd
  • Corn Products Co Ltd
  • Robin Chemicals Pvt Ltd
  • Super Products Co

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