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The upsurge of growth in the dairy industry has led to mass employment opportunities. The use of newer technologies and contemporary processes in the industry is creating jobs for professionals in the field of:
Dairy technology/engineering
Equipment Design,Plant Design & Fabrication and Project Execution
Teaching and research
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Career Opportunities in Dairying

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The spectacular growth of the dairy industry in the last two decades has created the demand for indigenous production of various dairy equipment. A variety of products which are convenient as well as of the highest quality standards are in demand. This has resulted in the progressive development of dairy equipment manufacturing industry and technical consultancy organizations.

Such notable expansion of the dairy processing industry and related professions has opened up vast career opportunities for dairy personnel. There are some 400 dairy plants in the country making various milk products. They are looking for good, qualified and well-trained personnel to run the plants efficiently and profitably.

Dairy Technology/Engineering

Dairy technology comprises all methods of handling milk from production to consumption. It includes processing, packaging, storage, transport and physical distribution. It employs the principles of engineering and is based on the sciences of biochemistry, bacteriology and nutrition. The objectives being: to prevent spoilage, improve quality, increase shelf life, and make milk palatable and safe for human consumption.

A dairy technologist is involved in all the operations carried out till the product reaches the consumer. In addition to technical competence, he should have supervisory skill and business acumen. He is responsible for:

  • Efficient and economized operation of the plant
  • Maintaining all production records
  • Controlling the quality of the product and ensuring efficient packaging and storage
  • Organizing distribution of products
  • Finding ways to utilize by-products

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Equipment Design,Plant Design & Fabrication and Project Execution

The growth of the dairy processing industry has encouraged the indigenisation of dairy equipment. Most requirements of the dairy industry are now met indigenously. Presently, there are over 170 dairy equipment manufacturers, many of them taking up turnkey jobs.

The industry has two distinct jobs:

  • Equipment design and fabrication and plant design
  • Project execution

Equipment and plant design requires the designer to be well versed with the knowledge of dairy processes and their various specific requirements. Project execution needs skills in costing, scheduling, procurement and liaison with various agencies, in addition to technical competence. These jobs can be well performed by a dairy technologist with engineering aptitude. In fact, many have chosen this as their career.


With the continuing growth of the dairy processing industry, the market has become competitive. This has increased the need for better product utilization. The adoption  newer products and improved technology has become unavoidable. Also the need for  plant upgradation and expansion, is continuous.

Dairy processing factories are usually not in a position to carry out the above mentioned jobs themselves, and hence seek the assistance of technical consultants. Indeed, there are several such technical consultancy outfits who are engaged in providing consultancy services. The most important requirement of a consultancy job is high degree of technical competence, including knowledge of the latest technological developments. Good communication skills and convincing power are very essential for a consultant to be successful. A consultant must also be good in cost estimation and project planning.

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Teaching and Research

There are nine dairy science colleges/institutions in the country, offering bachelor's degree courses in dairy technology/science, some of them also offer master's and doctorate degrees. Many are working on various research projects.

In the dairy industry, the need to employ graduates and post-graduates from these institutions has increased. Those who have aptitude for teaching and research have ample career prospects in this profession.


For a technologist starting an independent enterprise, the prospects for growth are bright. Dairy technologists make successful entrepreneurs. Small-scale milk plants, creameries, indigenous products units or ice-cream units are not difficult to set up and do not need large capital investments. Government agencies and banks encourage such technologists and have various schemes to finance their projects.

In short, for a dairy professional/technologist who knows how to run and maintain a plant efficiently and economically, there are major career opportunities for a dairy technologist. He needs to have business and marketing skills and the ability to accept challenges and he can choose a career according to his aptitude.

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