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Foreign collaborations in the fields of milk production, processing and packaging.
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Foreign Collaborations in India

The liberalization of the Indian economy in 1991 has attracted multinational dairy enterprises in hundreds. Specialty dairy products like cheese, casein, lactose and whey proteins are now being manufactured in India by multinational corporations.

The advent of foreign brands produced in India is changing the profile of the national dairy industry. Already, multinationals like

SmithKline Beecham
Baskin Robbins

have made their debut. Some world's leading dairy equipment companies like

Siebe (APV)
Tetra Pak

have their own manufacturing facilities/joint collaborations in India or have their offices here.

Some of the world's leading companies are manufacturing a wide range of veterinary pharmaceuticals and biologicals, including livestock feed additives in India. Including

Intervet (AKZO)

are available and popular in India. Other leading companies world-wide are testing the waters before making their debut.

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Some major foreign collaborations in the field of dairy production and processing are given below:

Indian Company

Foreign Collaborator/Principal

Dairy Production & Processing Equipment

ATE Enterprises Ltd
Stork Amsterdam BV, Holland
Alfa Laval (India) Ltd
Tetra Laval Group, Sweden
Bhagwati Supervac Pvt Ltd
SuperVac, Austria
Filtron Engineers Ltd
Dip Ing Ernst P Fischer, Austria
Fristam Pumpen F Stamp KG, Germany
Food & Pharma Specialities
Alpma, Germany
Bausch + Strobel, Germany
Dima, Italy
Eisai, Japan
Fawema, Germany
GEI Ashford, UK
GEI Autowrappers, UK
GEI Filling, Capping & Labelling Ltd, UK
Garvens, Germany
Hamba, Germany
Hassia Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH, Germany
Hosokawa Micron bv, Holland
Koruma, Germany
Lanico, Germany
Lawson Mardon Singen GmbH, Germany
Nikka Densok Ltd, Japan
Oli, Germany
SIG Pack Sapal, Switzerland
Soma, Germany
Steriflow Barriquard, France
Terlet, Holland
Foss Electric India
A/S Foss Electric, Denmark
IBP Co Limited
FICI, Netherlands
Minitub, Germany
Wessington Cryogenics Ltd, UK
Indo Stainless Fabtech (Pvt) Ltd
Dairy Engineering Products & Services, New Zealand
Gram Equipment A/S, Singapore
Inox India Ltd
Dia Reiki Kogyo Co Ltd, Japan
Khambete Kothari Cans & Allied Products Pvt Ltd
FIC spa, Italy
Larsen & Toubro Ltd
APV-Danish Turnkey Dairies Ltd, Denmark
APV-Rannie, Denmark
Atlas Industries, Denmark
Brodrene Gram, Denmark
Buss Ag, Switzerland
Cerekem, Denmark
Dawson Packaging Machinery Co, UK
FMC Far East Ltd, Hong Kong
KHS, Germany
NU-CON Ltd, New Zealand
SIG, Switzerland
Mojj Engineering Systems Pvt Ltd
Scanpro Ltd, Denmark
Praj Industries Ltd
Packo Inox, Belgium
Samarpan Fabricators Ltd

ECM-Mecaplastic, France
Prepac, France
UVA, Holland
La Burdizzo, Italy
SSN Exports
Westfalia Separator India Pvt Ltd
Westfalia Separator AG, Germany
Wiegand India Pvt Ltd
Wiegand, Germany

Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, Biologicals & Feed Additives

BASF India Ltd
BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Germany
Bayer India Ltd
Bayer, Germany
Cyanamid India Ltd
American Cyanamid (AHP Corporation), USA
Glaxo India Ltd
Glaxo Wellcome plc, UK
Intervet India Pvt Ltd
Intervet International bv (AKZO), Holland
Novartis India Ltd
Novartis, Switzerland
Pfizer India Ltd
Pfizer, USA
Rhone-Poulenc Chemicals (India) Ltd
Rhodia, France
Roche Scientific Products (India) Pvt Ltd
F Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd, Switzerland


Essdee Chemocrats
Chr Hansen A/S, Denmark
Palasgarrd A/S
Food & Pharma Specialities
B K Giulini Chemie, Germany
Visby, Denmark
Vatsa Marketing
Aplin & Barrett Ltd, UK

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