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Does SSP Stand for
Superior Spray (Dried) Products?

This question is asked by some of SSP's Powder Plant owners.

SSP Powder Plant produces instant granular powder with enhanced wettability and sinkability properties. The same plant can even produce lighter fluffy powder.

SSP Evaporators have unique design aspects ensures high thermal efficiency, high product quality, compact design & flexibility, easy operation and automatic control, short residence time, low liquid hold up ensuring gentle heat treatment of the product. The unique feature of SSP Evaporator and dryer is the possibility of enhancing capacity by 100%.


SSP spray dryer is the only dryer, which can handle multiple products ranging from SMP, WMP, DAIRY WHITENER, ICE CREAM MIX POWDER to the extent of viscous products like Malted Milk. Even sugar products do not stick in the dryer, which leads to less down time, less manpower requirement, less product loss.SSP Dryer has a special cleaning device with winch mechanism.

The result! Superior spray dried products (Instant Quality) to meet international quality requirements.

  We Offer
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Apart from all types of Dryers and Evaporators, SSP offers the following projects on turnkey basis:

  • Liquid Milk Processing Plant
  • Evaporated Milk Plant
  • Milk Powder Plant
  • Malted Milk Plant
  • Sweetened Condensed Milk Plant
  • Soya Milk/Powder Plant
  • Malt Extract Plant
  • Fruit Processing and
    Concentration Plant(Mango,
    Apple, Pineapple, Pears,Orange, etc.)
  • Fruit Juice Powder Plant
  • Vegetable & Fruit Dehydration Plant
  • Tomato Paste & Ketch-up Plant
  • Refined Iodised Free Flowing Salt Plant
  • Egg Powder Plant
  • Instant Tea Plant
  • Instant Coffee Plant
  • Spirulina Algae Powder Plant
  • Herbal Extraction Plant
  • -Herbal Remedies
    -Vegetable Dyes
  • Detergent Powder Plant
  • DDGS Manufacturing Plant
  • Effluent Treatment Plants for
    Dyes, H-Acid, Pencillin & Bulk
    Drugs Industries
  Contact Us
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13, Milestone, Mathura Road
Telephones: (+91-129) 275968, 277442
Fax: (+91-11) 6847665, (+91-129) 277441

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