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IndiaDairy.Com provides single window access to world markets for the dairy industry in India and vice-versa. Apart form being an excellent source of information, it also establishes a two way platform for communication to Indian and foreign entrepreneurs.
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About IndiaDairy.Com

This exclusive web site on the Indian dairy industry unlocks the door to a whole world of exciting business opportunities. Indian and foreign entrepreneurs can now meet on a two way platform - communicating and absorbing information about each other, effortlessly. Giving them a chance to expand their overseas markets, export or import, transfer technology or sign joint ventures. New insights, market opportunities and investment prospects in this key sector are presented. Apart from being a business site, providing single window access to India, the site also provides information on various facets (business, cultural heritage, history and many more) of dairying, latest statistics, etc. IndiaDairy.Com is brought to you by the Publishers of the 'Dairy India' compendium ,with the participation of all segments of the dairy industry in the public, cooperative and private sectors in India and abroad.

IndiaDairy.Com: aims to

  • Present the factsheet of the Indian dairy industry
  • Focus on new insights, analysis and ideas in milk production, processing and R & D
  • Serve as a business mart to buy and sell Indian dairy products, inputs and services, including equipment
  • Provide a Directory of leading organizations and specialists in the industry
  • Host Home pages of prominent dairy and related companies in public, cooperative and private sectors in India and abroad
  • Source consultancy services
  • Publish a Newsletter to provide an update on news and views about Indian dairying by identifying new trends, market opportunities and investment prospects.
  • Also included will be articles, extracts from annual reports, statistical data and future projections
  • Project facilities for education, research and training in the country and
  • Provide links to other dairy web sites in India and abroad

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