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You would like to have your own page on Here are the answers to more preliminary questions. In a hurry?  Just fill up the form given below.
What services do you offer?
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What services do you offer?

Our Services:

  • Design and hosting of your home page, including copy writing/editing, graphics, photo-editing.
  • Identification of key words and marketing your page on the Internet with major search engines.
  • Forwarding by fax or courier of E-mails received by us through your web page.
  • Display your business offers on prominent Internet business sites reaching leading companies
  • Help for getting additional visibility on the World Wide Web (WWW).
  • Adding your company name in our list of resources
  • Enhancing your your listing - adding your logo, adding colors, bullet points, establishing a link to your web page on IndiaDairy.Com etc.

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Details of adding a web page

The charges for web page services on IndiaDairy.Com will be Rs. 6,000 for the first page for one year, and Rs. 3,500 for each additional page. This cost includes page designing, scanning of photographs, copy-writing and marketing it on the Internet with major search engines, business sites, etc.


Each page includes company/product logos, two-three color photographs, about 250 words of text, as well as an inquiry forwarding service.( If you wish to add more material or photographs, then additional pages would have to be made.)

  • You can take any number of additional pages. Each additional page will cost Rs. 3,500.
  • Color proof of your Home Page would be sent to you before hosting on the net.
  • Up to four updates can be made in the text in one year.
  • Every subsequent year, 50% of your first year payment to us will be charged.
  • Payment may be sent to us with your order in favor of "IndiaDairy.Com".

In view of the limited number of pages to be hosted by us, kindly send us your confirmation by fax/courier at the earliest. The text, logos, photographs and remittance in favor of "IndiaDairy.Com" could follow.

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Contact us today:

(A DAIRY INDIA book_final.gif (146 bytes) Enterprise)
A-25 Priyadarshini Vihar, Delhi 110092.
Phones: (+91-11) 22543326, 22045681 Telefax: (91-11) 22543039

Join us in telling the world about India's dairy industry.

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