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Having a page on IndiaDairy.Com and a listing in DAIRY INDIA Yearbook presents an effective combination for fulfilling advertising objectives for dairy companies. Some FAQs have been answered for your convenience.
Questions about advertising on IndiaDairy.Com
Questions about advertising in 'Dairy India' (next edition)
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FAQs on advertising on IndiaDairy.Com

What advantages does IndiaDairy.Com have to offer my company?

Our web site has been built to attract global audiences interested in dairy products, technologies and services- which is precisely the audience you would need to reach. This site presents the latest trends and market data as well as new process know-how, products and services. A brief outline of some of the site contents.

  • Profile of the Indian dairy industry.
  • Business zone to buy and sell dairy products, inputs or services.
  • Directory of leading companies in the industry.
  • A Resource directory of private organisations
  • Home pages of prominent dairy companies in India and abroad.
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You can project your corporate and sales message to thousands of dairy companies and specialists in India and abroad through our web site. Your business stands to gain a lot from a presence on the Internet, taking advantage of the many opportunities offered by this new medium... and what better platform than your own Home Page on IndiaDairy.Com.

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What do I accomplish by having my own page on

  • Project your Corporate Image and Products World-wide...
  • Promote your business on the Internet with your own Home Page: name
  • Obtain this Unique Global Address for:

    • Adding more prestige to your letterheads, visiting cards, brochures, etc.
    • Ensuring your distinctive corporate presence on the Internet.
    • Projecting your image all over as a leading Dairy company.
    • Getting Export Orders, Signing Joint Ventures.
    • Enabling people world-wide to know about your business and contact you.

FAQs on advertising in 'Dairy India' (next edition)

What advantages does 'Dairy India' have to offer my company?

The DAIRY INDIA Yearbook serves as a single, most comprehensive source of information on economic, technical and trade aspects of production and marketing of dairy products in India. Today, 'Dairy India' is recognized as the authoritative factbook of the industry in India and abroad because:

  • It identifies the various upcoming trends and is used to locate new markets and sources of supply of products and services.
  • Buyers and sellers consult it for ordering their supplies.
  • It serves as a handy buyer's guide, databook, directory and who's who of over 7,000 specialists and organizations, engaged in the dairy industry.
  • It is used to tap the expanding markets within the country and abroad.

The DAIRY INDIA Yearbook is accepted as the leading medium for all in trade, industry and Government for advertising their products/services.

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Why should I advertise in the 'Dairy India' Yearbook ?

The DAIRY INDIA Yearbook acts as the perfect medium for fulfilling many of your advertising objectives. It :

  • Projects your products and services before a large new market.
  • Takes your message to the most influential dairymen.
  • Promotes your product in the country and abroad.
  • Offers vast new marketing opportunities.
  • Projects your image as an industry leader.
  • Attracts foreign buyers.
  • Serves as your visiting card.
  • Gets you considered for tender bids.

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