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The growth in the dairy sector in India has prompted the progress of the  dairy equipment and consumables industry. Today, India is not only self reliant in the manufature of a wide range of dairy equipment and is also ready to exploit the export market.
Resources: Dairy Consumables and equipment
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Growth in the equipment industry

The upsurge in the dairy sector, following its liberalization, has given a shot in the arm to the indigenous equipment industry, which is virtually self-reliant. Quite a few Indian equipment manufacturers are in a position to compete in the world market and are geared to undertake jobs on a turnkey basis.

Equipment Update

Notable gains in the recent years include sophisticated equipment like: electronic milk tester, evaporating and drying plant, cream separator, plate heat exchanger, homogeniser, small capacity packing machine, instruments and controls, bulk vending units, rail/road milk tankers and know-how to take responsibility for integrated milk projects. Milk silo of 150,000 liter capacity and road milk tankers of 200,000 liters are made in the country. Some of the items yet to be made in the country are: large capacity homogenisers, UHT Plant, reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, aseptic packing machine, packing machine for cheese, butter ice-cream etc.

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Resources: Dairy Consumables and equipment

The category of dairy equipment can be further broadened to include the consumable materials used in dairy plants and other dairy practices. Comprehensive lists of manufacturers and retailers of the following equipment and consumables are available here:

Dairy Consumables
Veterinary Consumables
Dairy Plant Consumables
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Dairy Equipment
Dairy Husbandry Equipment
Dairy Processing Equipment

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