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trans.gif (809 bytes) A word about Parekh Technical Consultancy Services
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trans.gif (809 bytes) Parekh Technical Consultancy Services was set up in 1980 by Dr. J.V. Parekh with a single objective to serve the Dairy and Food by providing Technical Consultancy Services. We have more than 30 years experience in dairy and food industry consultancy. Dr. Parekh has traveled extensively in India and abroad for attending dairy and food seminars, Trade Fairs, International Dairy Congress and also visited many dairies and engineering companies in Europe for Joint Ventures and consultancy work.

Dr. Parekh has worked jointly in Australia with CSIRO Dairy Research Laboratory and Gilbert Chandler Institute of Dairy Technology in Association with Australian dairy companies like Unigate Ltd., Peterville Ltd., Cadbury Ltd., on technical and commercial aspects of Dairy and Food Products.
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trans.gif (809 bytes) Our services cover all the aspects of the project, including:
  •  Guidance in Business Prospects / Investment Opportunities
  •  Turnkey Project Consultancy; Feasibility and Project Report Preparation ; Project Implementation
  •  Product Mix
  •  Technology Transfer from abroad
  •  Auctioning of plant and machinery
  •  Sell and Purchase of new and old plant and machinery
  •  Market study and market survey
  •  Equipment Sourcing and Selection from Indian abroad
  •  Process Design
  •  Preparation of detailed tender specifications and tender documents along with cost estimates.
  •  Building layout and Machinery layout
  • Technical details of the plants and equipments and utilities
  •  Recruitment of Manpower
  •  Training of Manpower and HRD
  •  Product/Process Development
  • Statutory and Legislation aspects
  • Assistance in quality assurance and setting of a modern laboratory
  •  Providing Business Solutions to problems in existing business
  •  Raw material and market Tie-up
  •  Foreign Collaboration and Tie-up
  •  Guidance on Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  •  Organisation of certification according to ISO 9000, Dairy Farming.

Technical Consultancy for Dairy Farming:

  • To help in selection of good quality animals.
  •  To guide in building layout, Animal Sheds, Godown, Milking Parlour etc.
  •  To guide in Feeding, Breeding and Management of Dairy Farm.
  • To provide least cost formula for animal feeds.
  •  To help in selection and erection of plant and machinery required for project.
  •  To guide in selection of Manpower.
  •  To guide in procurement of raw materials for the Cattle Feed Plant.
  •  To commission the project in the most satisfactory running condition.

Technical Consultancy for Dairy and Food Processing:

  • To prepare of detailed project report
  •  To prepare factory building layout, utilities layout and necessary drawings required for the Architect.
  •  To help in selection of plant and machinery from India and Abroad.
  •  To help in erection of plant and machinery.
  • To provide latest technical know-how and formulation for the milk and milk products.
  •  To set up the modern laboratory for quality control with necessary equipments and methods of testing all raw materials and finished products.
  •  To give all necessary specifications of all the inputs and raw materials required for the Project.
  •  To guide in selection of suitable packing material for the milk based products.
  •  To guide Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Quality Assurance (QA), Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), to meet Sanitary and Phyto Sanitary (SPS) standards.
  •  To guide in getting ISO 22000 Certifications for the plant.
  •  To recruit technical man power required for the project.
  •  To commission the project at the earliest and handover to the clients in the most satisfactory running condition.
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  • Shree Milk & Food Industries Ltd, Kolkata
  • Amrut Industries Ltd, Mumbai
  • Shivamrut Dudh Utpadak Sahakari Sangh Ltd, Akluj
  • Sachadeva Agro Dairy Foods Ltd, Mumbai
  • Marathwada Dairy Development Corporation, Aurangabad
  • Creata Frozen Foods Ltd, Ahmedabad
  • Vadilal Industries Ltd, Ahmedabad
  • Dairylac International Ltd, Mumbai
  • Aridhi Hi-Tech Industries Ltd, New Delhi
  • Dindori Dairy Pvt Ltd, Nasik
  • Dudhia Dairy, Ahmedabad
  • Jain Dairy Products, Mumbai
  • Kirti Dairy Products, Ahmedabad
  • Aakansha Milk Dairy Pvt.Ltd, Vasind
  • Rashmin Ice Cream, Mumbai
  • Dilbahar Ice Cream, Bhavnagar
  • Azad Ice Cream, Mumbai
  • Universal Dairy Products, Amritsar
  • Ovik Foods Pvt.Ltd, Jaipur
  • Nirmal Foods Pvt Ltd, Surendranagar
  • Totto Foods Pvt Ltd, Pimplewadi
  • Indusmin Foods Ltd, Boisar
  • Sugad Nursery, Gandhinagar
  • Mohini Matushree Milk Dairy, Sanjan
  • Malhar Industrial Associates, Dahisar
  • Ken Source, Mumbai
  • Goma Engineering Pvt Ltd, Thane
  • ODC Biotech India Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
  • Sri Venkateshwara Foods & Agrotech Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
  • Asas Dairies, Iringa, Tanzania.
  • Jain Dugdhalaya, Mumbai.
  • Pidilite Industries Ltd., Mumbai
trans.gif (809 bytes) ACHIEVEMENTS OF DR.J.V.PAREKH
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Qualifications of Dr. J. V. PAREKH

Ph.D (Dairy & Food) National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal, India.
Post-Doctorate, Dairy Research Laboratory CSIRO, Melbourne, Australia.

Experience in Australia

Worked jointly with CSIRO Dairy Research Laboratory and Gilbert Chandler Institute of Dairy Technology in Association with Australian dairy companies like Unigate Ltd., Peterville Ltd., Cadbury Ltd., on milk and milk products such as butter, butter oil, modification of milk fat, Ice cream, yogurt, flavoured milk, cheese, chocolate, butter spread, butter powder, nutritional foods, beverages etc.

Experience in India

Worked in Amul Dairy, Anand, on processing of milk and milk products during 1971-72.

Since 1980, working as Technical Consultancy dairy and food industries. Provided technical and Turnkey consultancy to many companies in the filed of dairy and food processing.

Dr. Parekh has taken-up a World Bank assignment in Kosovo in 2001 on aseptic processing of juice and milk. Dr. Parekh was associated with Genesis Fintec Ltd, Kolkata as Dairy Expert for the Pre-Investment Feasibility Study of the North Eastern Region for NEDFI, Guwahati in the year 2002.

Dr. Parekh has also conducted Feasibility study for Tanga Fresh Lt, Tanga, Tanzania and The Royal Dairy Products Ltd., Dar-e-Salam, Tanzania in 2004 and 2005 respectively. Dr. Parekh has provided Turnkey Consultancy Service on dairy for FTK Foods Pvt. Ltd. (Akbarally Group) at Bhavandi in Maharashtra. Top Lalit Company in Mauritania and Integrated Dairy in Nigeria.

Dr. Parekh was also associated with NABARD (National Agricultural Bank for Rural Development) to study The Techno Financial Viability of Dynamix Dairy Industries Ltd, Baramati in the year 2003, Roadmap for Dairy Development of Jharkhand State in 2008 and Preparation of the project report for West Bengal Co-op. Milk Producers Federation Ltd. Kolkata in 2009. Dr. Parekh has prepared detailed Project Report on Whey based products for Amul Dairy Anand in 2008.

Dr. Parekh has a member of Export Inspection Agency (Ministry of Commerce) for assessment of milk processing plants in Maharashtra for export of milk and milk products.


Dr. Parekh got Fellowship Award by Indian Dairy Association in February 2011. Dr. Parekh got Fellowship Award by Dairy Technology Society of India on 16th November, 2011.

Dr. Parekh was facilitated and honoured for the Yoeman services rendered to Dairy Industry in the country by the Indian Dairy Engineering Association (IDEA) in Tirupati on 24th September 2012.

Dr. Parekh was awarded Dr. J. R. Patel Memorial Award for Dairy Professional for his outstanding contribution to the development and growth of the Dairy Industry by Dr. J. R. Patel Memorial Charitable Trust, Sheth M. C. College of Dairy Science, Anand, Gujarat on 2nd March 2013.

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Parekh Technical Consultancy Services
Technical Consultants for Dairy & Food Industry

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