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IndiaDairy.Com is the first and the most comprehensive site on the Indian dairy industry. It has something for every visitor. Leading Dairy personalities have appreciated the establishment of this Web Site.
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Dr V Kurien
Mr. N K Sinha, GOI
Mr Jerry Kozak, IDF
The creation of IndiaDairy.Com was a step which was long overdue. India, in it's present context - the largest milk producing country in the world, needed representation on the World Wide Web. Not just by a dairy company, or by an organization but also as an industry. Entrepreneurs and investors while looking for information on any subject, search the internet. Information about the Indian dairy industry, it's rich history and resource pool was not available on a comprehensive web site. It was, if at all, present in parts and pieces. In the print medium the dairy industry was comprehensively represented by the DAIRY INDIA YEARBOOK. Therefore it was only fitting that the publishers of this book should take steps to ensure that web surfers also have access to the Indian dairy industry.

This step has been greatly appreciated by the leaders in the dairy industry, not only in India but worldwide. IndiaDairy.Com has been endorsed by

Dr. V. Kurien
Mr. N.K. Sinha
Secretary to the Government of India
Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
Ministry of Agriculture.
Mr. Jerry Kozak
International Dairy Federation.

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