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Mr. Jerry Kozak - welcomes IndiaDairy.Com as a  medium for interaction and transfer of information among dairy-producing nations.
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Message from Mr. Jerry Kozak

Mr. Jerry Kozak, IDF"For many years, most dairy-producing nations were concerned solely with their own domestic industries. While there was a modest realization that dairy farming, in many different forms, was going on in other areas of the world, there was little recognition of how one nation's dairy industry was related to another's.

As we approach the 21st century, however, those of us in the dairy business, whether we are in India, the USA, France, New Zealand or Argentina, more fully appreciate that our dairy industries have much in common, and that we need to work together. The International Dairy Federation, of which I am President, is one such opportunity for the nations of the world to harmonize dairy product standards around the globe.

I am pleased to see that India, with its large population and growing dairy infrastructure, is taking the important step of establishing this web site to better communicate with others in the industry. While dairy farming is an ancient tradition, we need to take advantage of modern technologies like computers and the Internet to better share information and ideas.

Let us hope that one of the purposes of this web site will be to better educate others about the value of dairy products. We have a terrific story to tell, and a great product to sell. Now, thanks to this site, we have new tools to tell the story and sell the product."

With best regards,
Jerry Kozak
International Dairy Federation

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