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Mr. N.K. Sinha says that IndiaDairy.Com will help create an awareness about the growing opportunities that the industry offers, nationally and internationally.
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Message from Mr. N.K. Sinha

Mr. N.K. Sinha, GOI"Dairying in India has transformed itself at an incredible pace -- from an age-old avocation to a dynamic agri-based industry. Its potential for bringing about rapid growth and desired social changes in rural India has been adequately demonstrated. Today, India has attained self-sufficiency in milk production and is ready to offer its products and services in the international market.

The dissemination of information is vital to the dairy sector to facilitate the transfer of appropriate technology for its rapid adoption and diffusion among all segments of the dairy industry. Several areas of the industry like operational efficiencies, value addition, product diversification, packaging, etc. can be further strengthened by the induction of state-of-the-art technologies.

In this context, the hosting of a web site on India's dairy industry -- IndiaDairy.Com -- is timely and welcome. The web site will present latest trends, market data and management pointers as well as new process know-how, products and services. All this should contribute to quality enhancement and increased levels of efficiency contributing to higher levels of competitive advantage for India's dairy industry.

This web site will project what India has achieved and is endeavoring to achieve in dairying. Further, it will also document what the industry has to offer to the world dairy industry, and vice-versa. This web site would also serve as a global showcase, helping leading dairy organizations to project their expertise and display their latest products and services, thus facilitating increased Indian participation in global dairy trade.

I am confident that the industry will derive the fullest benefit from it and will actively participate in its future growth. I feel sure that this web site will help raise the status of the Indian dairying globally.

I congratulate the Publishers of Dairy India Yearbook on their initiative to put the industry on the Internet, thus opening a new window to world dairying."

Secretary to the Government of India
Department of Animal Husbandry & Dairying
Ministry of Agriculture
New Delhi

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