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A study of the Indian Dairy industry is not complete without considering that every fact, every aspect has a story behind it. There are traditions in the industry which have been followed since the beginning of recorded history. This section documents those interesting stories and traditions.
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Background Information
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There are many angles from which the Indian dairy industry and it's many components can be viewed. And each view presents a different picture - some are informative and some, tickling but all of them are quite enlightening. Here we have tried to present all of them.

A Dairy Tale - A cow as seen from a child's point of view
Traditional Dairy Products - A compendium on traditional Indian dairy products
Cow - the sacred provider - A attempt to explain it's importance in the Indian context
All about the buffalo - Every reason why the buffalo is just as important, if not more
Buffalo Milk Vs Cow Milk - A comparative study
Women in Dairying - A profile
Career Outlook - A study of the career opportunities, present in the dairy industry, for qualified personnel
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A Dairy Tale
Traditional Dairy Products
Cow: The Sacred Provider
All About the Buffalo
Buffalo Milk Vs Cow Milk
Women in Dairying
Career Outlook

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