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The post economic liberalization scenario in India has immense potential for progress. The dairy industry, especially, is gearing up to meet the export challenge. There are certain areas where major thrust is required, but all in all India is a good base for export operations.
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India prepares to tackle the international market

Following  Japan, where milk consumption today,  has more than trebled to 70 kg per capita from a mere 20 kg in the 'sixties - the consumption of dairy products in other Asian 'tiger' nations is also growing. As a consequence - creating excellent export opportunities for India as these nations are deficient in milk by at least 3 million tonnes per year. India, with some 27 per cent of Asia's population, accounts for more than half of the milk output  with enough growth potential to explore foreign markets.

In anticipation of the export opportunities and in view of the post GATT scenario, India is gearing up to tackle the demands of the international market.

Indian companies are getting ready to meet international standards and other non-tariff barriers.
Our planners are taking measures to meet the sanitary and phyto-sanitary specifications - prescribed by Office International des Epizooties (OIE) under the auspices of the World Trade Organization (WTO) - which range from the quality assurance of processed dairy products to the health status of livestock.
The main thrust of the Ninth Plan proposals is on the improvement of animal health and adoption of sanitary and phyto-sanitary specifications (SPS) for dairy products. Towards this end, the Technology Mission on Dairy Development (TMDD) has initiated a wide-ranging program.

In addition to the above mentioned points - there are areas where major thrust is required:

Brand image needs to be projected in leading international dairy trade fairs, particularly of those countries to which exports are being targeted.
Another step may be to encourage technical collaboration and marketing tie-ups with leading international dairy companies.

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