Anand Pattern
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The milk cooperatives under Operation Flood follow the Anand Pattern, which was pioneered by Dr Kurien.  Anand....emerged in India as the largest rural employment scheme...
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The Anand Pattern

The milk cooperatives under Operation Flood follow the Anand Pattern, which was pioneered by Dr Kurien when he was General Manager of the Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers' Union Limited, Anand. The success of the operation demonstrated that democratic institutions in villages within a specific economic sector could help an entire village community to develop themselves. Dr Kurien nurtured the Union from a daily collection of 500 liters a day in 1948 to one million liters a day in early 1990. He helped set up similar District Cooperative Unions in six other districts of Gujarat which eventually federated to an apex body, the Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Limited. An establishment which Dr Kurien now heads as Chairman. The Federation covers more than 1.5 million milk producer families.

The Anand Model is essentially an economic organizational pattern to benefit small producers who join hands forming an integrated approach in order to handle their produce. The system enables them to obtain the efficiency and economy of a large scale business. The whole operation is professionally managed so that the individual producers have the freedom to decide their own policies. The adoption of modern production and marketing techniques helps in providing those services that small producers individually can neither afford nor manage.

The Anand Model has succeeded largely because it involves people in their own development and because their interests are safe in their own hands. Under Operation Flood the entire institutional infrastructure set up at the village level, the district level and the state level is owned and operated by the farmers themselves. The Anand model cooperatives have progressively eliminated middlemen, bringing the producers in direct contact with consumers. Inspite of opposition to these projects by middlemen and other powerful vested interests, Dr Kurien has been able to make major breakthroughs in the dairy and oilseeds sectors supported by the highest level in the Government of India.

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