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For those interested in Indian traditional dairy products, the publishers of DAIRY INDIA are coming out with a handbook on this subject. It serves as a compendium of technological innovations as well as a guide to opportunities for investment and marketing in this sector.
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Milk Products: A Handbook


Handbook on Process Technology Modernization for Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Scientists
by R.P. Aneja, B.N. Mathur, R.C. Chandan, A.K. Banerjee

India's high-value, high-volume market for traditional dairy products and delicacies is all set to boom further under the technology of mass production. This market is the largest in value after liquid milk and is estimated at US $3 billion in India and US $1 billion in North America alone.

More and more dairy plants in the public, cooperative and private sectors in India are going in for the manufacture of traditional milk products. This trend will undoubtedly give a further stimulus to the milk consumption in the country and ensure a better price to primary milk producers. Simultaneously, it will also help to productively utilize India's growing milk surplus.

Interest has been growing among connoisseurs and entrepreneurs in the Indian milk products. One impediment, however, in transforming this interest into profitable business is the absence of an up-to-date technical reference handbook on the Indian milk products. To bridge this gap, the publishers of DAIRY INDIA requested leading authorities on the subject to help in its compilation.

The proposed, first-of-its-kind compendium on the technology of traditional milk products is targeted at dairy entrepreneurs, professionals, halwais, scientists, scholars and students. It plans to cover as many as 50 traditional dairy products in use today.

The book would explore marketing opportunities, process technologies and investment prospects that this dynamic sector offers in abundance. Its aim is to serve as a reference book for professionals and a practical guide of recommended practices for the industry as well as a textbook for scientists and students. It will also be used to source equipment manufacturers and suppliers of inputs and services in India and abroad.


To serve as a technology "bank", documenting innovations made in modernization of traditional products processing, equipment and packaging.
To survey market demand and consumption of major traditional dairy products, as also their process know-how upgradation.
To explore marketing opportunities and investment prospects opened by mithais and other traditional milk products.
To present techno-economic feasibility and foreign market situation.
To identify leading players in India and abroad and publish their corporate profiles.

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Indian Milk Products: A Survey
Dairy Products: Characteristics, technology status and know-how upgradation of as many as 50 sweets and other related ethnic milk-based foods.
Market Overview: Current scenario, projecting new trends, market opportunities and investment prospects.
Raw Materials: Hygienic handling and storage of raw milk and materials used; milk-based ingredients.
Intermediates and Concentrates: Their attributes and conservation.
Dairy Plant Design for Mechanized Production: Basic design consideration and layout.
Concepts in Product Packaging: Prospects and developments.
Exports & Foreign Market Situation: Overcoming technology gaps between production and marketing practices in India and abroad.
Techno-Economic Feasibility: Project reports.
Future Trends: Challenges ahead. Specifications and standards for quality.
Buyers' Guide : Corporate profiles of manufacturers of traditional milk products and input suppliers and equipment.
Miscellaneous: Bibliography, Patents, Food Laws, etc..


The handbook on the "Technology of Indian Milk Products" puts together a blend of traditional wisdom and technical innovations. It also marks a new initiative to make available the relevant data on emerging process know-how for making ethnic milk delicacies and desserts.Their mass production with such upgraded technologies represents a new profit centre for the organized dairy sector in India and abroad.

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Interactive Participation

This handbook will give a new thrust to the organized sector of India's dairy industry and provide enormous stability to it. The handbook will broaden its base by diversifying its product mix to cover the factory scale production of our age-old traditional milk products that are on par with the global standards for food safety and hygiene. Its impact will be so widespread that it will help generate the White Revolution's second wave. In view of the considerable overseas interest in our mithais and other milk products (20 million Indians abroad), this handbook will have a wide reach overseas and help spread the achievements of Indian dairying. In view of that, a Buyers' Guide has been provided in the book to supplement the technical data and information. It will carry select advertisements of leading dairy players, including input suppliers, to spread their sales and institutional message.

The compendium's novel feature is the buyers guideSection. It will present corporate profiles of leading organizations in the dairy sector in India and abroad. It will facilitate linkages with global players for tie-ups in technology transfer, marketing, joint ventures, investments and exports. Their interactive participation will be facilitated by publishing their corporate profile in this Section, as a multi-colour advertisement

To project your institutional and sales message most effectively, advertise on one or more pages. Please send us your corporate or product advertisement for publication.

Each advertiser will receive five complimentary copies of the handbook.

Sponsorship (Advertising) Amount:

One Page: US $1,950
Two Pages: US $2,950
Three Pages: US $3,950
Four Pages: US $4,950.

Mechanical Data (print area): 24 cm x 17 cm
Printing Process: Offset

Remittance in favour of "Dairy India Yearbook".

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About the Authors

R.P. Aneja
FAO/World Bank Consultant; Formerly Managing Director, National Dairy Development Board (NDDB), Anand.
B.N. Mathur
Director, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal.
R.C. Chandan
Dairy Consultant & President, Global Technologies, Inc, Minnesota, USA.
A.K. Banerjee
Formerly: Director (Engineering), NDDB, Anand & Dairy Counsellor, Indian Embassy, Belgium.


For further details, kindly contact:

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