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Some pointers to make your browsing experience at IndiaDairy.Com as smooth as possible. Happy clicking!!!
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While traversing IndiaDairy.Com you might come up against various design elements which are a deviation from many old fashioned web sites. These elements are (hopefully) not mistakes. These changes have been made to enhance navigation and improve visual comfort for you. Please note the following pointers to enrich your browsing experience at IndiaDairy.Com:
The links in the text are black/bold instead of underlined. When you move your mouse cursor over the links, the cursor changes to the familiar "Hand".
Buttons for assisting navigation - on the red bar at the left:
Sections at the same level - this is a list of the sections which are at the same level in the hierarchy of the site as the one you are in. e.g. In 'DAIRY INDIA book_final.gif (146 bytes)' you will see a list of sections like 'Resources - Where & How', 'Indian Dairy Business Zone', 'Site and organization info' etc. These are there so that you don't have to go back to the home page in order to get to information that might be in another section.
Links from this page - this is a list of pages leading deeper into the hierarchy, where you will find further details, directories, and related information. These are there so that you don't have to go to the top of the page to get to more information as you read the text, and you can access precisely the information you need.
Back (the button in the red bar, not the browser's back button) - this button will take you back to the previous page ON THE SAME LEVEL. IT DOES NOT TAKE YOU TO THE PREVIOUS PAGE YOU WERE ON. IN ORDER TO DO THAT YOU WILL HAVE TO CLICK ON THE 'BACK' BUTTON ON YOUR BROWSER.
Next (the button in the red bar, not the browser's next button) - this button will take you to the next page on the same level within the site hierarchy. This is NOT the same functionality as the "forward" button in your browser.
Up - this button leads to the parent page of the section you are in.
The text on top of the page - in the box with a red outline - is the abstract of the current document. It may contain links to the body text, or simply give you an overview of the contents of the page.
The text 'You are here:..../..../...' tells you where and how deep you are in the overall hierarchy of the site.
The Button bar on top, "Home . TradeZone . Consulting..." links to the entry points of the major sections the site is divided into.
Indian terminology - e.g. Khoa, paneer, halwai etc. are in italics and are linkedto the glossary where the traditional names and terms are briefly explained. 

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