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The Dairy India'97 data book is compendium of information about many aspects of the Indian dairy industry. Questions most frequently asked about the databook are..

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What is Dairy India?

Dairy India is a:

  • Handy training manual of management practices
  • Databook of facts and figures assembling a wide range of statistics
  • Buyer’s guide to products and services
  • Compendium of new trends and achievements
  • Directory of organizations and agencies in all sectors
  • Who’s Who of specialists

How do the dairy India editions keep us better informed?

  • They mean different things to different users.
    • to the extension workers/project managers, the DAIRY INDIA book_final.gif (146 bytes) are ready reckoners of a large number of facts and figures on almost all conceivable aspects of significance needed to make them more effective
    • to the entrepreneur, they answer the question — where to buy and where to sell. They open new prospects and markets by tapping the listings of 7,000 top companies in their Directory Section, grouped under convenient headings and graphical creations
  • They document what India has achieved and is endeavoring to achieve through technical and economic reviews and reports. The modernization of India’s dairy sector is documented as the success story of the developing world, in the annals of the world agriculture.
  • They provide hard-to-get information data and insights culled from thousands of scattered sources and after tens of thousands of man-hours of painstaking researches and discussions with field workers. Their pages are replete with ideas, information and analyses.
  • They enable a better utilization of the growing infrastructure by pinpointing new opportunities and facilitating transfer of technology, appropriate to the resources and abilities of farmers and other users in rural areas.

For all these reasons and more, the DAIRY INDIA book_final.gif (146 bytes) have been creating waves not only within the country but around the world, as media of technology transfer and rural development. Information does make a difference!

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What makes Dairy India different and distinctive?

Their biggest achievement: The ability to look beyond the clutter and clatter of cold statistics, facts and figures and to focus on new marketing opportunities and investment prospects. The simple fact that they not only focus on field realities, but also endeavor to:

  • Identify new trends, market opportunities and investment prospects
  • Present new insights, analysis and ideas in production, processing, marketing, education, extension and research
  • Provide project profiles, buyer's guides and who's who of the industry
  • Serve as "yellow pages" of over 7,000 organizations and specialists grouped under some 30 headings
  • Are a statistician's delight providing growth projections and market data through hundreds of tables, charts and graphs
  • Report technical advances through scientific reports and reviews by experts, emphasizing usable and practical rather than theoretical
  • Provide recommended management practices and schedules to serve as training guides
  • Present local and global perspectives and developments

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How do the Dairy India editions help entrepreneurs?

They provide answers to a diverse spectrum of questions:

  • Who is doing what and where?
  • Which are avenues of growth and expansion?
  • Where are centers of demand and supply?
  • Where to buy and where to sell?

Over the years, this compendium has emerged as the industry’s databook, developing a format that is user-friendly and demonstrating the value of information as an input to accelerated growth and sustainable development. The compendium on poultry: Indian Poultry Industry book_final.gif (146 bytes), is still older, going back to 1973, having gone through ten editions.

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