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At the IndiaDairy.Com Consulting Forum you can ask consultants on our panel for advice on any topic related to the dairy industry. You can also offer the same, in your area of expertise, to people looking for guidance.
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Consultancy services that we offer

We are a group of specialists in the field of milk production, processing, marketing and extension. We can undertake consultancy work in the following areas:

Techno-economic feasibility and project reports for dairy farms, milk processing plants, etc
Planning and design of dairy plant building, selection of equipment and their layout.
Dairy plant management system related to milk procurement from the rural milk producer, milk processing and products manufacturing, marketing of products, recruitment and training of personnel, financial management of the plant.
Survey on milk availability and marketing of milk and milk products.

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FORM: Consultation
Become a Consultant
Improving viability and expansion of existing dairy farms and plants.
Transfer technology on the manufacture of western type of milk products (butter, cheese, milk powder, baby food, yoghurt, ice cream) and also Indian traditional milk products (ghee, dahi, shrikhand, peda, gulabjamun, rassogolla etc.).
Extend assistance to resource supply of dairy plant and equipment (new or second-hand) from India at a very competitive price. India is producing world class dairy equipment like milk evaporators and dryers, plate heat exchangers, separators, continuous butter making equipment, milk storage tanks and silos, road milk tankers and other dairy equipment.
Strong feel for emerging trends in the market place. Can locate or identify Agents/Distributors in India for foreign companies in all aspects of the dairy business and related areas.
Undertake turnkey jobs of establishing milk processing plants and dairy farms in collaboration with Indian equipment manufacturers.
Techno-economic feasibility on the development of the dairy industry in the developing countries.
Establishment of dairy cooperatives, milk procurement systems in developing countries.

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We provide complete services in all principal fields of the dairy business, including milk production, processing, marketing and extension services:

Survey & Feasibility Studies
Planning & Design of Farms and Plants
Animal Feed & Veterinary Pharmaceuticals
Operation & Maintenance
Upstart of New Projects
Product Formulations
Production Methods
Trouble Shooting
Management & Training
Foreign Collaborations
Turnkey Projects Undertaken
Experienced Personnel Provided

One Stop Source (Single Window) for Dairy Business in India

Identifying Partners in India
Liaison with Government Departments
Identifying Distribution Channels

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