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If knowledge is power the 'Dairy India' compendium is a tool, empowering the Indian dairy industry. Information provided by the source book gives it the impetus to grow.

Something to Moo About

Working on the premise that knowledge is power, people involved in the dairy industry have for over a decade now been periodically bringing out an information directory on the dairy sector in the hope of generating progress with better information.

Into its fifth edition now, "Dairy India" (1997) puts together a large number of facts and figures on the varying aspects of milk production and processing. Also included is an update on the technological advancements that have transformed dairy farming from an age-old backyard vocation to a dynamic agri-business.

A cooperative effort is the success story of India’s White Revolution. The fifth edition, it is hoped, will see India become the world’s biggest and "best" milk producer.

Source: The Hindu, Chennai.