Press Review : Filling The Information Gap
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What does the Indian dairy Industry need? and What does it have to offer? ... the answers to these questions are the broad theme of the 'Dairy India' compendium.

Filling the Information Gap

...Dairy India 1997 -- planned as up-to-date on...(it's)... respective subject, ..(is).. likely to fulfill the need for comprehensive reference material. The treatment of the subject in..(this)... books is essentially market-oriented, targeted at the traders in farm products and agri-business units.

…Dairy India 1997 has successfully run into its fifth annual edition and has been compiled by its editor P R Gupta with the help of a team of eminent experts in different disciplines of the dairy sector. Furthermore, Dairy India has already established its usefulness for people in the industry.

The DAIRY INDIA Yearbook provides the latest analytical information on production, processing, distribution, marketing, research and development. It captures the changing face of the country's dairy sector which has been growing at a much faster pace than agriculture, bringing India to a threshold of becoming one of the world's largest milk producers.

What the Indian dairy industry needs and what it has to offer is the broad theme of this compendium. The book comprises of over 70 articles by specialists and 250 statistical tables, graphs and listings of over 7,000 organizations under different heads. It identifies new trends, market opportunities and investment prospects. The DAIRY INDIA Yearbook is a handy databook-cum-buyers' guide to suppliers of products and services.

This compendium has an interesting chapter on traditional Indian milk products varying from burfi to kulfi and from kalakand to shrikhand.

Source: Business Standard, New Delhi

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