Press Review : The Golden Harvest
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The DAIRY INDIA Yearbook is an encyclopedic venture in coverage and scope for use.

The Golden Harvest

…over the years the information base and statistical date in dairying has been very weak for planned development of the economy. There is no single document available from official publications which could act as a reference manual to cover diverse aspects of the dairy industry. Since 1983, DAIRY INDIA Yearbook has fulfilled this vacuum to serve the emerging industry. It is a formidable task undertaken by a private publisher. Dairy India 1997, in its fifth edition, is an excellent compendium for the industry.

A handy desktop reference sourcebook, the handbook presents an in-depth profile of the emerging dairy situation. It identifies new trends, market opportunities and investment prospects as well as new insights, analyses and ideas.

A multi-purpose volume, it serves as a Databook-cum-Buyer’s Guide to suppliers of products and services, a handy training source and a Who’s Who. It is a standard work of reference for professionals.

Encyclopedic in scope and coverage, Dairy India 1997 is a volume of more than 900 pages, having a wide sweep of technical and economic information – over 70 articles by specialists, 260 statistical tables, charts and graphs and listing over 7000 organizations under 29 headings. It covers production, processing, distribution, marketing, research and development.

It presents enormous opportunities for dairy entrepreneurs. They would find it useful to locate new markets and sources of supply of inputs and services for economic milk production.

Source: The Hindustan Times, New Delhi

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