Press Review : The Dairy of Dairies
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The DAIRY INDIA Yearbook tells all - from the modest beginnings of the Indian dairy industry to the success that it enjoys today - with statistics to support each step.

The Dairy of Dairies

The staggering numbers in Indian dairying -- 70 million farmers, a milch herd of 100 million cows and buffaloes, 500,000 villages forming the collection system make it unique when compared to any other dairy operations worldwide.

The success of India's dairy industry is a story most Indians are proud to tell. But pouring over 900 pages of small print in a DAIRY INDIA Yearbook could prove cumbersome, making the edition unwieldy, though comprehensive. In its fifth avatar Dairy India 1997 offers itself as a compendium of database of the industry.

The DAIRY INDIA Yearbook tells all from the modest beginnings to coordinate rural farmers into cooperatives for milk and milk products, to a profitable agri-business with tremendous potential and employment generation. Statistics testify to all claims and problems -- future and present -- have been put forward in the form of valuable critiques.

Source: The Economic Times, New Delhi