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'Dairy India' compendium has something for everyone. It is a full course meal for the voracious mind.
Whichever way one judges the DAIRY INDIA Yearbook, one is struck by the wide sweep of information covered in the text. 'Dairy India 1997' is an indispensable compendium
'Dairy India' can serve as a 'Bible' of dairy science for industrialists, entrepreneurs, research scholars, teachers and students alike.
Information in the 'Dairy India' covers a large spectrum of subjects related to the dairy industry. From milk products to sourcing centers for dairy industry consumables. From animal health to recipes for traditional Indian milk delicacies. And much, much more..
Dairy India 1997 is a virtual treasure-trove of information on dairying in the country. Beginning with a series of comprehensive articles by leading experts in the industry on subjects like goat milk production and trends in world dairying, it goes on to discuss in detail issues such as breeding, health care, dairy technology, research and reference, breeding farms, dairy consultants, distributors, feed manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, semen banks, government agencies as well as international agencies. Considering that the book has 250 statistical tables, charts and graphs and lists over 7,000 organizations under 29 headings. It still manages to interest those who love milk products. A section of the book even gives the method of preparation of some of the best known sweets of the subcontinent like chumchum and shrikhand. Simply delicious.

Source: Business World, Mumbai.

...The new updated fifth edition of Dairy India 1997 serves as a really useful reference compendium for planners, entrepreneurs, practicing professionals, educationists in the field of dairying. It provides an excellent and expanded coverage on diverse aspects of various sectors supporting dairy industry. The DAIRY INDIA Yearbook value is more as now the dairy industry in India is embarking on an ambitious plan for rapid expansion to consolidate the newer opportunities emerging due to liberalization as well as a growing market for dairy products both in India and abroad. This volume would also meet the needs of those outside India who wish to gain an insight into a country which would soon emerge as the world's No. 1 milk producer.

Prior to the publication of this compendium, insurmountable difficulties were faced due to the lack of authentic database. The Editor of Dairy India series has been making very commendable efforts to collate the data from various sectors of dairy industry and provide the information in a systematic and convenient format.

The General Section of the compendium serves as a window on the international and national scenario, providing data on expanding markets and growth opportunities. Strength and competitiveness of the Indian dairy industry in terms of infrastructure in the organized sector have been highlighted in a number of articles, authored by eminent specialists. In particular, the effects of GATT on the dairy industry around the world have been presented in terms of international trade of dairy commodities. Useful reviews have been provided, featuring the systematic growth that has taken place during the third phase of Operation Flood program which form the backbone of the organized sector of the industry. Whichever way one judges the DAIRY INDIA Yearbook, one is struck by the wide sweep of techno-economic trends, market opportunities and investment prospects as well as new insights, analyses and ideas that have been projected.

Source: Indian Dairyman, New Delhi

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Dairy India 1997 (fifth edition): In a nutshell, this (Dairy India 1997) is an excellent, authoritative compendium, painstakingly prepared and could serve as "Bible" in Dairy Science and Technology in India. This comprehensive publication contains 229 tables, 38 colored and B&W illustrations and about 350 categorized bibliographical references, which should prove to be of great practical value to all the industrialists, entrepreneurs, research scholars, teachers and students alike. Besides, the quality of paper, printing and hard binding are superb. Thus, this book should find a respectable place on the shelves of all the libraries of Agricultural Universities in India and abroad, as well as all libraries attached to Dairy Science Colleges, Dairy/Agri/Animal Husbandry Departments, R&D Centers all over India.

Source: Journal of Indian Food Industry, CFTRI, Mysore

The recently published 5th edition of Dairy India 1997 provides a remarkable 900-page compilation of information on all aspects of India's achievements in developing its dairy industry. It covers feeding, breeding and health aspects of animal production: supply of inputs and services: cooperative development: processing: distribution: marketing: and research and development: including such topical items as the Uruguay Round Agreement and its effect on Indian dairying. It contains a series of more than 70 articles by specialists and 250 statistical tables and graphs. The database section includes lists of analytical laboratories, associations, consultants, cheese manufacturers, dairy cooperatives, plants, dairy product distributors, equipment manufacturers, feed manufacturers and dairy periodicals as well as a useful Who's Who section.

This edition of the Dairy India DAIRY INDIA Yearbook encapsulates many elements of India's successful approach and provides an extremely useful source of information on dairy development for policy-makers and implementing agencies.

Source: World Animal Review, FAO, Rome.

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