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The DAIRY INDIA Yearbook has emerged, over the years, as an example of developmental journalism.  It's appeal can be divided into five main categories
It's many uses
The many roles it plays
As a documentation of past achievements
It provides information that is otherwise hard to get
It optimizes use of existing resources

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Significance of Dairy India

An Example of Developmental Journalism

The latest edition of Dairy India is an elegant crystal ball into India's dairy future. Fifth in the series, the 926-page volume presents an in-depth profile of the emerging dairy scenario, supported by over 250 statistical tables, graphs and charts. A wide range of articles and comments by industry leaders and foreign experts sum up the situation. The compendium also highlights new avenues of marketing opportunities and investment prospects.

A new genre in extension literature, the dairy compendium demonstrates the value of information as an input for faster modernization and growth of integrated rural development. In essence, the DAIRY INDIA Yearbook sets out to answer one key question: Who is doing what and where?

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The appeal of 'Dairy India' (5th edition) can be summed up in five points:

  • It serves as a handy training manual of management practices, a databook of facts and figures, a buyer's guide to products and services, a compendium of trends and achievements, a directory of organizations and agencies in all sectors, and a Who's Who of specialists.
  • It means, different things to different users. Thus, to the extension workers/Project Managers, it is a ready reckoner of a large number of facts and figures on almost all conceivable aspects of significance need by dairymen to make themselves more effective; to the entrepreneur, it opens new prospects and markets by tapping the listings in the Directory Section of the DAIRY INDIA Yearbook telling him where to buy and where to sell.
  • It documents what India has achieved and is endeavoring to achieve in dairying. The modernization of India's dairying is a rare success story from the developing world on the international agriculture scene.
  • The latest edition provides hard-to-get information that has been culled from thousands of scattered sources and after tens of thousands of man-hours of back breaking research. It has 926 pages replete with ideas, information and analyses.
  • It also enables better utilization of the growing infrastructure by: pinpointing new investment opportunities and facilitating transfer of technology, appropriate to the resources and abilities of farmers and self-employed entrepreneurs in rural areas.
All in all, the DAIRY INDIA Yearbook has emerged as a desktop factbook of the dairy industry. It is essential reading for any one wishing to get a balanced picture of India's dairy scenario. Furthermore, it sums up India's experience in this vital area which is of relevance to other developing countries.

Dairy India. 5th Edition (Estd: 1983).
Pages: 910 + xvi (over 250 statistical tables, graphs & charts).
Publisher: P R Gupta, A-25
Priyadarshini Vihar, Delhi 110092, India
Phones: (91-11) 22543326, 22045681
Telefax: (91-11) 22543039

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