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The Editor and Publisher of DAIRY INDIA Yearbook is P R Gupta, 68. He is also the force behind the 'Poultry Industry Yearbook'.

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About the Publisher

The Editor and Publisher of DAIRY INDIA Yearbook is P R Gupta, 68. He has specialized in agriculture, information communication after more than 45 years of working experience in mass media, including writing, editing, layout, production, marketing and advertising. During this period, he has worked with: Publication Section of the United States Information Service, The American Embassy, New Delhi; Information Officer, Bureau of Petroleum Information & Editor, Burmah-Shell News; Publicity Officer, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India, New Delhi; Staff Reporter, The Indian Express, Bombay; and Freelance Photo-Journalist.

He planned and designed the DAIRY INDIA Yearbook, in publication since 1983, and Indian Poultry Industry Yearbook, since 1973. Each of them is a trend setter in its respective field and has been recognized as a unique desktop reference sourcebook, not only in Asia but in the world.

A volume of over 700 pages, each of them provides a wide sweep of technical and economic information, supported with over 70 technical articles and 150 statistical tables, graphs and charts. They are also used as a Databook-cum-Management Guide of proven practices, while serving as a ready reckoner and training manual. They help identify new trends, market opportunities and investment prospects. Its Directory Section lists some 7,000 organizations and specialists and is used as a handy Buyer's Guide. In short, these self-help handbook are mini-encyclopaedias and widely used by professionals, entrepreneurs, extension officers, consultants, planners, scientists and students.